Episode 2

Ep. 02 | Rob Caskie - Stories from South Africa

In this episode I get to talk with an absolutely incredible career storyteller from South Africa named Rob Caskie. Rob experienced travel at an early age and began a world wide adventure many only dream of. Telling stories for a living began in 2001, on the famous Anglo-Zulu War battlefields at the foot of world renowned raconteur, David Rattray. Researching and sharing human dramas has taken Rob to the Antarctic on numerous occasions, the Arctic, annually to the UK, and very regularly to the Battlefields. You’ll love hearing his stories of world travel, South African history, and Zulu culture, including a part where he speaks Zulu during our conversation.

If you want to learn more about Rob or book him as a speaker for an event (even if it’s online during the pandemic), you can visit his website at robcaskie.com.

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