Episode 7

Ep. 07 | Emergency Landing; the Story Behind SAS Flight 751 with Stefan Rasmussen (p. 2)

In this episode, we finish my conversation with Stefan Rasmussen as he recalls the events which made SAS Flight 751 so infamous. From a distance, it seems like it was a fluke accident and he stepped up to save 129 lives after both his engines shut down. However, digging deeper into the story reveals a much more troubling side to the incident. He doesn’t consider himself a hero; he was simply doing his job. But if he had been informed about all the systems in place on the aircraft at the time, he never would have had to land in the field…

If you haven’t already, be sure and listen to part one of our conversation before listening to this episode. Also, I’d highly encourage you to watch the documentary titled Pilot Betrayed, created by National Geographic. It was this documentary, ten years after the incident, which finally revealed to Stefan what actually went wrong on December 27, 1991.

Since the incident, Stefan has never gone back to flying as a career. Instead, he became active in politics for a few years, published a couple books and also enjoyed his lifelong passion for music. He has recorded several songs which you can listen to here: Spotify.com.

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